Prof. Dr. Christa M. Cobbaert

Prof. Dr. Christa M. Cobbaert

Christa M. Cobbaert

Head of the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

Christa Cobbaert is heading the Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Department at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) in Leiden, the Netherlands. Her scientific research in the domains of Cardiovascular Risk Management, Kidney Disease, and Cancer Biomarkers, has a major focus on Precision Diagnostics using next-generation protein diagnostics based on mass spectrometry.

Professor Cobbaert is currently the chair of the IFCC Scientific Division EC, involved with metrology and standardization of medical tests, and a member of ISO TC 212 working group 2 on reference systems. She is representing EFLM in the IVD subgroup of the Medical Device Coordination Group during meetings with the European Commission on the interpretation of the IVDR 2017/746. In this capacity, she chairs the EFLM Task Force on European Regulatory Affairs. Her work resulted in ~170 original publications, multiple lectures/webinars, and several appointments at (inter)national positions because of her expertise on metrological traceability of test results.