Jayme Wong

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Jayme Wong

Senior Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist, Singapore General Hospital

Jayme Wong, is a Senior Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist with a 20-year journey in the diagnostic Clinical Laboratory field. She is a dynamic and multifaceted lab professional with a wide range of portfolios in the field of healthcare and laboratory medicine. Engaging in roles ranging from a Medical Technologist to her current position as Senior Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist, Jayme has navigated a spectrum of clinical, scientific, education and laboratory management responsibilities. Her leadership reaches into hospital committee roles, where she collaborates across teams and contributes to laboratory quality and healthcare strategy, improving diagnostics and patient care.

Leveraging technology and diverse instructional mediums, she is also an adjunct lecturer at the local polytechnics, sharing and imparting industry knowledge to biomedical science students. With background as a trained laboratory scientist, Jayme's keen focus lies in the effective test implementation using specialized methodologies in separation sciences. Her passion and expertise are dedicated to optimizing and applying cutting-edge techniques in the laboratory setting, ensuring precision and innovation in the realm of separation sciences.