Listen and learn campaign: a process improvement initiative

A Listen and Learn Campaign is a process improvement initiative that is easy to implement and one that brings the potential to greatly reduce costs and increase efficiencies across all departments in an organization. The upfront cost is minimal but the value this program produces is substantial. In addition to exploring ways to cut expenses and to increase productivity, this initiative helps break down barriers between departments. After participating in the program, one comes away with a greater understanding of the challenges that other departments face and how these can be reduced by making simple changes. This program is designed to help leadership experience firsthand how their department affects others.

Evelyn Graham shares insights on how to initiate and maximize the full value of a Listen and Learn campaign to identify cross-departmental changes that can improve processes, reduce costs, save resources and increase efficiencies within an organization.

Listen and learn campaign: a process improvement initiative

Evelyn Graham, MT (ASCP)
Director of Laboratory Services
Cancer and Hematology Centers of Western Michigan

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