Pre-analytical errors: an overview and approach to prevention

Contributing lab leader: Joe El-Khoury, PhD, DABCC, FAACC, FACBs

In this LabLeaders Webinar, Joe El-Khoury, Ph.D., DABCC, FAACC, FACB, shared important, applicable information about pre-analytical errors and their effect on clinical laboratory medicine.

The root causes of pre-analytical errors were identified as order entry, patient preparation, specimen collection and processing, transportation, and storage. Dr. El-Khoury provided valuable insights on managing these pre-analytical errors. Additionally, he presented strategies for preventing analytical errors so your lab can provide patients with more accurate and timely results.

Webinar highlights:
  • Analytical errors are costly for laboratories and inconvenient to the patient
  • Patient safety remains a top priority in healthcare and laboratory diagnostics. While laboratory errors can happen in both pre and post-analytical stages, it was found that up to 75% of all errors occur before the specimen arrives in the lab.

  • The International Standard Organization (ISO) created more detailed guidelines for medical laboratories, that provide requirements for quality and competence in the pre-analytical phase. Including quality control procedures in your lab can help reduce analytical errors in laboratory testing.

Pre-analytical errors: an overview and approach to prevention

Joe El-Khoury, PhD
Director of Clinical Chemistry
Yale-New Haven Health

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