Top 2024 healthcare conference for lab leaders

Laboratories are foundational to our healthcare systems. They are responsible for the reliable and timely detection of pathogens, viruses, cell changes, and other changes within the body. Without labs, healthcare professionals can not accurately diagnose, treat, and stop the spread of disease. Lab leaders are tasked with managing laboratories in complex healthcare environments where collaboration and coordination are paramount to the continuum of patient care. 

Highlighted in this article are the top healthcare conferences in 2024 specifically tailored to lab leaders. These 2024 conferences will provide lab leaders with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and co-create on key topics around the future of healthcare. 

We hope our chronological list will help you to decide which of these conferences to attend in 2024. 

1. Medlab Middle East

February 5-8, 2024 | Dubai World Trade Centre

Hosting 12 CME accredited conferences for lab leaders, pioneers, and emerging talent, Medlab Middle East aims to drive collaboration and help shape the future of healthcare and medicine. 

Attendees can expect to experience a dynamic platform for innovation, where the latest advancements in medical technology, precision diagnostics, and medical laboratory solutions are showcased. 

The conference tracks included are:

  • NextGen Medicine
  • Laboratory Management
  • Lab Quality Management
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Hematology
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Medlab Partners Form
  • Histopathology
  • Future of the lab
  • Sustainability in the lab

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2. Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics Conference

March 7 – 8, 2024 | London, UK

This conference brings together scientists, researchers, clinicians, and other members of the healthcare system to address the gaps between early-stage biomarker development and the commercialization of biomarkers.

Attendees can expect to see case studies on leveraging emerging technologies in digital biomarkers, precision medicine, and big data. They will be able to network with leading industry and academic experts and experience keynote presentations covering topics such as:

  • Biomarkers and personalized medicine
  • Clinical biomarker identification and qualification
  • NGS and novel technologies in biomarker discovery
  • Assay development and validation
  • Commercialization of biomarkers in therapeutic and CDx applications

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3. HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition


March 11-15, 2024 | Orlando, FL

This year’s theme around collaboration brings together healthcare professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem to discuss innovation, take part in networking, and learn from experts in the industry.

HIMSS is a global health advocate committed to reforming the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

Attendees can expect to build relationships, discover innovative health tech solutions, and meet with healthcare and technology professionals, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, government officials, providers, payers, IT consultants, innovators, entrepreneurs, and health IT influencers, among others.

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4. Gynec 2024: Gynecology & Women’s Health Conference

March 21 – 23, 2024 | Singapore | Hybrid
October 17 – 19, 2024 | Baltimore, Maryland | Hybrid

Bringing together science, medicine, engineering, and technology, this conference focuses on clinical best practices, research, innovation, advancements, and trends in women's health and gynecology. 

This year’s theme is ‘Enriching Women’s Health through Innovations in Gynecology.’

Attendees can expect to experience symposiums and keynote sessions with the latest best practices, research, guidelines, and technology from around the world. Meet researchers, scientists, academicians, and a wide range of healthcare practitioners in this space.

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5. 2024 ASHA Health Care Summit

April 12, 2024 | Chicago, IL

As part of the ASHA health care summit, collaborate with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, which describes itself as “the first-ever ‘translational’ research hospital,” to help you reflect on your current clinical practices, evaluate your decision-making framework, and share new strategies on how labs can help improve patients’ quality of life. 

Attendees can expect to learn practical applications, network and collaborate in small groups, review case studies, and more. Bonus online content is included as well as part of the registration.

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6. KnowledgeLab

April 30 – May 1, 2024 | San Antonio, TX

This laboratory management and leadership conference welcomes current and aspiring lab leaders.

Focusing on key issues lab leaders are facing today, attendees can expect to learn strategies, network, and experience highly interactive education sessions around the following topics:

  • Laboratory Management
  • Business and Clinical Operations
  • Medical Decision Support
  • Quality Management for Patient Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Information Management and Technology
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Planning

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7. thINc360 The Healthcare Innovation Congress

May 29 – 31, 2024 | Washington, DC

Bringing together top leaders from across the healthcare ecosystem for 3 days to learn from one another, network, and build relationships. 

Attendees can expect to discuss where we are today with value-driven, impactful healthcare transformation. They will also be able to experience thought-provoking keynotes and deep-dive track sessions around current and emerging issues related to healthcare.

Tailored to you, choose from six themed tracks including:

  • Care Delivery Transformation
  • Digital Health and AI
  • Health Equity
  • Benefit Design Strategies for Employers
  • Benefits Adviser Leadership
  • Food As Medicine

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8. 15th International Conference on Pathology and Laboratories Medicines

June 27 – 28, 2024 | London, UK

This conference brings medical practitioners, doctors, clinical research organizations, students, professors, research scholars. The theme for this conference is "Advancements in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: Bridging Innovation and Practice."

Attendees can expect to see some of the latest research and development in the field of pathology and laboratory medicine. This event will also be a chance to network and engage with other thought leaders who are shaping the future of diagnostics and patient care. 

The 30 scientific sessions range in topics including molecular pathology advances, clinical diagnostics and laboratory testing, digital pathology and artificial intelligence, and many more. 

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9. American Hospital Association (AHA) Leadership Summit

July 21 – 23, 2024 | San Diego, CA

This year’s leadership summit brings together senior healthcare executives, clinicians, and field experts. 

Attendees can expect to gain insights into innovative approaches for delivering better care and greater value, ensuring financial stability, addressing workforce challenges, and improving the patient experience through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and redefined delivery models.

This is another opportunity to connect with hospital and health system leaders and clinicians, trustees, and other healthcare leaders. 

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10. Clinical Lab Expo

July 30 – August 31, 2024 | Chicago, IL

Formerly known as the AACC Clinical Lab Expo, the ADLM 2024 conference is the premier global laboratory medicine exposition. 

Attendees can expect to learn about the breakthrough innovations shaping the future of clinical testing and patient care. With over 900 exhibitors, those attending will have the opportunity to explore innovative solutions for their lab-related needs. 

The conference offers a multitude of connection and learning opportunities through networking, industry workshops, lecture series presentations, product showcases, and more.   

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That concludes the top 10 global healthcare conferences for lab leaders in 2024, whichever conference you choose to attend will without doubt provide you with valuable insights and thoughts for the future. 

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