Moving towards a digital laboratory: 5 key technologies to improve quality and efficiency

In this ebook we aim to answer:

  • How can digital technologies help clinical labs overcome the efficiency challenges they face today?
  • What are some of the digital tools making an impact and helping improve the operation of diagnostic laboratories? 
  • What steps can lab leaders take today to ensure their labs are running at peak efficiency? 
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Today, clinical laboratories and the surrounding healthcare ecosystem face a growing challenge: how to do more with fewer resources. In response to this predicament, we are currently witnessing a paradigm shift towards more value-based healthcare and contracting models in order to improve efficiencies and decrease wasteful spending, while offering quality patient care.  

As a result, labs are seeking novel ways to increase the value of their offerings and make a positive contribution to the financial bottom line. Implementing digital technologies is imperative to realize these ambitions and for labs to remain competitive.

From helping labs better manage their testing loads, optimizing work processes, and assisting physicians with test result interpretation and recommendations, digital technologies can improve the overall operations of diagnostic laboratories. 

Take a deeper dive into some of the trends and tools in laboratory digitalization, all of which are already making an impact today.