Healthcare leaders survey insights: 8 ways to improve digital health solution adoption

In this ebook we aim to answer:

  • What are the main challenges and concerns among healthcare executives and providers on implementing digital health solutions within their organizations?
  • How useful are various types of evidence when evaluating a digital health solution?
  • What are actionable steps that leaders can take to overcome these challenges?
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In the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare delivery and diagnostics, the integration of digital health solutions takes center stage as a driving force for innovation. 

To understand how leaders are going about implementing digital health solutions within their organizations, in 2022, we reached out to 144 healthcare providers and healthcare executives from 52 different countries. Asking them questions to understand what were the main challenges they faced and what type of evidence did they use to inform their decision-making. 

The answers we received varied, covering an array of perspectives and concerns depending on job types and geography. However, a few overarching themes did emerge, including economics, budgetary limitations, and the role of evidence in the decision-making process. 

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