Developing a Task Force When Making Decisions about Point of Care


As a Point-of-Care Coordinator, you know that the decisions you make affect how others work and impact the patient care you provide. That's why it's so critical that you're able to learn how to tackle important decisions that require the joint effort of your cross functional team. By fully understanding the needs of your team and those you work with, you're gearing up to be successful.

Bob Kaplanis, PBT (ASCP), Point of Care Specialist (AACC), MT (ASCP) and Kathleen David MT, (ASCP) share best practices for tackling important decisions that require the joint effort of your cross-functional team. During this presentation, you learn how to identify and gather key stakeholders, determine a change management strategy, navigate budget considerations, determine the right plans for communication and training, and much more.

Contributing Lab Leader

Kathleen David, MT, (ASCP)

Point of Care Testing Manager

TriCore Reference Laboratories

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